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The Sales Tribe

Uncovering and Applying Marketing Secrets That Track Down Profitable Sales.

By A. S. Pirozzoli

The Sales Tribe will take you on a journey from awareness to purchase in a way that will rekindle the effectiveness of any marketing you initiate.

Hunting for marketing and sales success. A journey from awareness to purchase

Author Al Pirozzoli asks and answers the question – Is it possible the new advertising and marketing technology: SmartPhones, MicroSites and Social Network Media actually makes your company invisible? Believe it or not, that is happening to companies, large and small, across the country. In economic  times like these you cannot afford to become invisible.

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By applying the age-old 4, steps of buying behavior you will make technology work for you and not against you. No buzz words or rehashed platitudes, just practical information!

Chapter 1:

What Business Owners and Managers are Concerned About

Here’s what I’ve heard from many top executives, business owners and senior level professionals across business categories over many years of interviews (some 225 to date. Below are but a few of the real marketplace concerns:

  • We really need to get customers and prospects to pay more attention to our products/services.
  • There’s really no process that keeps us at top of mind with buyers from an early point of contact.
  • Although we do marketing, it doesn’t seem to be helping our sales people.
  • We are beginning to look like every other company out there.
  • We provide great products but aren’t getting great sales.
  • The ability to pre-sell our prospects on our sales people and create positive familiarity…That’s the need.
  • Our company deserves to be at a higher sales level so what is hindering us?
  • Customers/prospects really don’t understand how significantly our products can help them; they don’t view what we offer as different than the competition.
  • We may be wasting money marketing the wrong message to the wrong audience.
  • Our sales people are not receiving the marketing support they need.
  • Some of our customers are buying products we sell from other companies.
  • Something is wrong…our sales people are wasting time with the wrong prospects far too often.
  • Our marketing is just like our competitors’…we could literally trade logos with them and no one would know the difference.
  • Customers and prospects don’t have us at top-of-mind. We need to stay on their radar screen without spending tons of money.
  • We really must get distributors to pay more attention to our products.
  • Our defense against low price isn’t working because rather than defending we should be supporting our value solutions.
  • We invest in all this technology and Facebook and LinkedIn but I don’t see any return value in it.
  • I’m not convinced that our sales people are truly confident out there and I know it’s hurting us and them.

Of course at this point I want to tell you there’s a Silver Bullet, that there’s a magic formula to apply to these concerns. I suppose for the sake of hyperbole, I could make that claim. However, for the sake of practicality, I can’t. What I can say is this: these comments all come out of the simple fact that each company is not addressing the three obstacles mentioned in the opening. Please burn these into your brain’s neurons:

  1. Skillful Buyer Tracking – Track the buyer during the flow of a purchase cycle. This requires understanding of A I C P which we will be focusing on shortly.
  2. Compelling Differentiation – Clearly differentiate your product and convey compelling marketing messages to align with buyers.
  3. Minimize the MT-Myth – Resist overdependence on marketing “stuff” (Media Technologies), in your attempt to connect with potential buyers.
  4. Go Tribal – Tap into the customer knowledge your people have privy to that likely never gets to the front office.

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