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The Last Dig

By A. S. Priozzoli

TheLastDig-eBookThe Last Dig is a novel by ebook author A. S. Pirozzoli. It is a  fast reading, high adventure drama that takes place in the world of high-stakes archaeological digs.

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Overview of The Last Dig

Richard Witt was rated among the top five archaeologists in the world. As a man of action and courage he found it difficult to be out of control in the situation. How archaeology got him involved in violence, betrayal, and now espionage, he no longer knew. Yet, he was in the thick of it, on another illegal dig site.

His recent dig experience in Iran caused him to swear an oath; it was the last dig! But he had sworn to many “lasts” in his life. All his work, accolades and successes were in upheaval. His friend betrayed him. And he walked away from the most important woman in his life. He had fallen from the ivory tower of expected purity in the archaeologist profession; followers in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson, the first archaeologist of note.

But much like the ancient dust on Richard’s boots, it seemed so long ago—that first imperceptible step that led him to this wasteland in Turkey. He located the route Emperor Constantine’s caravan followed from Rome to establish his new capital in Turkey; with treasured artifacts believed to be left behind. There was a time when a dig of this potential would have enthralled and energized Richard. Now, his energy focused only on how to get out of this mess with his mission and life intact. Not only was the dig site illegal, but he was sent there by a clandestine agency that couldn’t care less about Constantine’s artifacts. The real value lay in retrieving something far from ancient. And Richard provided them with the perfect cover. If caught by the Turkish government, no denial of involvement would be required. After all, he would be nothing more than a rogue archaeologist, on his own, stumbling onto the crash site. He served as the perfect pawn.

Under the guise of the so-called, Constantine Trek excavation, Richard was to find the target crash site, bury the fragments and retrieve the software module believed to be the very latest technology of its kind in existence. But it didn’t belong to the United States, at least not until the moment Richard could place it in their hands. What he didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one seeking to retrieve the module. Now, the only certainty in Richard Witt’s head was that if he managed to get out of this alive, it would be his last dig. If he didn’t, it would still be the last. That reality compelled him to do whatever was necessary to avoid the latter outcome.

Reviews of The Last Dig

  • “Not only is The Last Dig an excellent adventure story, but in it,  Al Pirozzoli deals with life’s deepest paradigms in an effort to expose not just what’s buried in the ground, but what is buried in our souls.” —Dwayne Boulden
  • This really is a great story and deals with some real human issues.” Kurt Mason
  • I was hit with it all; adventure, surprise, and a love interest that’s not the usual fare.” Joan Bronson
  • I know a good book when I read one and this is it. The story is fresh and original.” Janice LaBatte
  • Every once in a while a short novel (The Last Dig ) comes along which totally captures and demands your attention from the opening paragraph to the very end……you just can’t put it down. Because it’s so compelling, you have no choice, you must finish the book. Suspense, danger, romance, intellect with strong believable characters…… all presented with a superb writing skill. It was so good, I will read it again.” Dennis Lacilla
  • If this is what archaeology is about, then forget about geeky cone heads with their heads down, and butts in the air looking through magnifying glasses. You’re going on an adventure.” Alex Montone

 Inspiration for The Last Dig

Bone Dust on My Boots – poem by Al Pirozzoli


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eBook available on Amazon

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